Enid Symphony Orchestra

Joan L. Allen Symphony Hall

Photo by Hazel and Haze Photography

The faux stone stage floor is a replication of many floors found in the Palace of Versailles. The floor is complemented by wall finishes which recreate an elegant eighteenth century Damask fabric.

Joan L. Allen Symphony Hall seats 340 including private box seating for sixteen in Louis XV arm chairs. The lapis pilasters are gilded with 23-carat gold leaf. The stage mural musicians are replications of paintings by Jean-Antoine Watteau Mezzetin, 1718 and Francois Boucher, The Music Lesson, mid 1700’s.

The south wall mural features a collage of musicians and dancers by Orazio Gentileschi, Young Woman Playing the Lute, 1626, Nicolas Poussin, The Dance to the Music of Time, 1640 and Bartolomeus van der Helst, The Musician, 1662. The balcony murals include a collage of replications from Raphael, Apollo and the Muses from Parnassus, 1510, Laurent de LaHyre Allegory of Music – Singing Putto, 1649 and Caravaggio, The Lute Player, 1595.

Acoustical design for Joan L. Allen Symphony Hall was created by Joseph W.A. Meyers of Kirkegaard and Associates of Chicago, Illinois. Joan L. Allen Symphony Hall provides a regal setting for your wedding, lyceum or recital event.
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