Enid Symphony Orchestra

Park Avenue Thrift Theatre

The proscenium arch features the only mural from the original Masonic Temple (1924) which is of the Chillon Castle located on the shore of Lake Geneva three kilometers from Montreux, Switzerland. Chillon Castle was immortalized by Lord Byron in the poem The Prisoner of Chillon (1816) and was the setting for Henry James’ novel Daisy Miller (1878). More recently James Bond played by Roger Moore found himself within the walls of Chillon.

The Four Seasons murals executed by Joanne Day feature the William Morris poem Flora. A self-portrait of Joanne Day presides over winter while the three daughters of Douglas and Lawana Newell fulfill the wishes of spring, summer and autumn. The Viennese Roman Shades were hand sewn by Joan Allen. Adorned by copper-leafed shades of autumn this hall seats 96 at twelve 60-inch round banqueting tables. Additional balcony seating for 16 at intimate tables for 2 provides a grand view for those who wish to take in the excitement of your event from above.

An alternative set-up using 36-inch cabaret height tables showcases the open dance floor designed in a honey-comb pattern by the artists of the San Francisco-based Day Studio Workshop.As the band “takes five”, close the rose curtain and a movie screen appears for the presentation of your bridal DVD photo album or corporate power point presentation with surround sound capability.

Photo by Bonnie Vculek

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